About us | Lopritec

We think in solutions rather than problems. 

Everything around you has personality, going from the pen on your desk to the car on your driveway. Lopritec offers everything you need to enhance that personality. Whether you are creating promotional gifts or car parts, we believe that even the smallest of parts is deserving of a little love. 

That is why the people of Lopritec exclusively choose for the solutions that your product deserves without compromise. Only the best machines and accessories are good enough to highlight the character of your product and do justice to its features. 

Rest assured, when it comes to printing solutions, Lopritec has got you covered! We offer three printing techniques that enable us to print on almost every irregular surface, regardless of the material:  

  1. Pad printing, the technique we first started out with; 
  2. Hot stamping, a printing technique that enables a variety of special effects;
  3. Heat release decal technique, the perfect solution for efficient and sustainable printing on glass and ceramics. 

Of course you can also count on us to supply all the accessories and services needed to make your product truly stand out! 

Our solutions.

Pad printing

A pad made of silicone rubber takes ink from an etched printing plate and transfers it to your product. Because the pad is made of a deformable material en there are various kinds of ink available, pad printing is the perfect solution to print on almost any material and shape.

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Hot stamping

A layer of colored foil is applied to plastic, wood or metal by a heated stamp. The print image is milled into the stamp. 

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Heat release decals

Decal transfers are multicolored motifs printed with enamels, inks or precious metals. First screen-printed flat, the transfers are then semi-automatically applied onto the object by means of silicone pad. This process is ideal for decorating on complex non flat surfaces that can not be reached with screen-printing.

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