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High quality, custom made accessories are simply indispensable for beautiful and consistent printing.

Everyone will agree you need the best machinery to get the best result, it only makes sense that the best machinery is deservant of the best accessories to go along with it. This is the best way to assure yourself that the highest of standards will always be met.

Toebehoren tampondruk


Printed decals is another service of Lopritec.

A joint venture between Rofa Ceramics and Lopritec created an printing service for decals.

Rofa Ceramics originally a glass and ceramic decorating company got expertise in printing decals.

Rofa Ceramics and Lopritec; a strong partnership to realize your decorations on glass and ceramics.

- a full DTP department
- Two full automatic screenprinting lines
- Two semi-automatic screenprinting cells

- enamals
- organic
- heat release; decals for automatic transfert
- waterslides; decals to transfert manually

Tullis Russell Glass & Ceramics Transfertpaper

Decalcomanies :

Heat release transfert papier : de Lopritec technologie valt of staat met het transfertpapier. Om onze techniek veilig te stellen hebben we het agentschap van Tullis Russell. Met het transfertpapier van Tullis Russell hebben we het automatisch plaatsen van decals afgestemd.

Waterslides : ook het transfertpapier voor het manueel plaatsen van decals heeft Lopritec in het gamma opgenomen. De klant dienen is uiteindelijk dé mentaliteit van Lopritec, en ondertussen ... de klant informeren omtrent de techniek om automatisch glas en keramiek te decoreren. lachende smiley.

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With pad printing stamps both the size, hardness and shape of the stamp are decisive for the quality of your result. That is why at Lopritec, you can find pad printing stamps in all shapes, sizes and levels of hardness in both the antistatic blue and the classic red variant. 

The advantage of antistatic pads is that they don't get contaminated as fast and they last much longer (over twice as long) than the classic red variant. 

Can't find what you are looking for? We can also develop a custom made pad, specifically designed for you product. 

Are you looking for a pad ? Clic here under, to download the catalogus 2021.

Pad catalogus 2021
Tampondrukinkten 1 Tampondruk inkt Tampondrukinkten 2 Tampondrukinkten 3


It goes without saying that it is important to use the right ink to get a beautiful printing result that will last. You don't just want a beautiful color, you also want a wear-resistant result.

The material you want to print on is the  most important factor when choosing the ink, but also the intended use of your product is very important. For example, does the ink have to be mechanically wear-resistant? Or chemically resistant? Maybe you would like edible ink? Does the print need to resist oil and grease (Automotive) or dishwasher (domestic). Does the print last sunshine ? ....

At this moment, we do have 78 different type of inks. Each with its particularities. Every type of inkt has about ... 30 standard colors (color chart on demand). Most of these colors are available in extra opaque version. Beside these standard colors, we do mix RAL, PMS, HKS or other type of international color standard. If needed we adapt the mixingformula depending on the color of the printingsurface.

Safety and the environment are very important to us. That is why we keep the use of hazardous substances to an absolute minimum; without compromising on the quality of the printing.

In this way, we create a range of inks that offers a solution for every problem.  

Click here under the "Download" button to see the mixing formulas for the inks M720, M920 and M924. We will sent you free of charge the available mixtures on your mail adress.

Formulations (PMS, RAL and HKS) for the inks M720, M920 and M924.
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Printing plate

The printing plate is a decisive component in the pad printing process. This is the plate in which your image is etched, so it goes without saying that it is at the basis of a good result. 

There are three main types of printing plates available: 

  1. polymer printing plates for small print runs;
  2. thin-steel printing plates for medium to large print runs;
  3. thick steel printing plates for large print runs. 

The choice of ink is also important for the depth of the etched print image. 

We are happy to help you determine the ideal printing plate. 



The suitable film for hot stamping depends mainly on the material to be printed, the print image itself and the adhesion requirements. The nice thing about hot stamping is that playing with the film allows you to obtain a whole range of special effects, such as holographic effects, matt effects, shiny effects and even 3D effects. 

It goes without saying that the choice of film is one of the most important choices to be made with hot stamping. That is why we do not commit ourselves to just one film supplier. We find out which film is the most suitable and deliver custom rolls

Both the diameter of the core and the width and length of the film can be made-to-measure. This way, we reduce waste and optimise your process. 

foliedrukstempels 1 3D-foliedrukstempel 3D project mal en stempel, Gazelle

Hot stamping stamps

Wheareas in pad printing the image is etched out in the printing plate, in hot stamping the print image is transferred through the stamp. Each print image therefore needs its own stamp, and it goes without saying that the stamp has a direct influence on the print quality.

In general there are three types of stamps: 

  1. silicone stamps;
  2. 3D silicone stamps for non-flat products;
  3. brass stamps. 

We are always looking for the most suitable solution for your project. Our experience allows us to develop the most cost efficient and quality stamp, according to your needs. 



Make-readies are tools specific for hot stamping. These include heat-conducting fasteners for the stamp and flexible bands that absorb irregularities in the product. 

Depending on the product to be printed, the compressive force of your machine and the design of the print image, we can figure out which make-ready is the most suitable for you. 

Here, too, our experience allows us to find the best solution for your project.

corona plasma 1 corona plasma 2

Pre-treatment equipment

With some materials it is very difficult to attain a good adhesion. These are mainly polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET)

Here too, Lopritec has the solution ready in the form of a corona, gas ignition or plasma. The type of material and the adhesion requirements are the most important factors for determining the type of pre-treatment.  

A tailor-made standalone pre-treatment installation is also an option

aanpassing 1 aanpassing 2


Do you have an installation that is not tailored to the needs of your customer? Did your customer ask you a question you were not prepared for? Or maybe you have an idea but are not sure if your current installation is adequate? 

At Lopritec we have a large workshop where we can easily adjust yesterday's machines to your needs today. Even when it comes to machines and installations that were not supplied by us. This allows you to respond quickly to the market, even if it changes fast.

onderhoud en herstellingen

Maintenance and repair

At Lopritec, we are all too aware of the importance of periodic maintenance. By taking maintenance seriously, we guarantee a perfect condition of your machinery and you can rest easy.

A breakdown after all? Lopritec offers technical support and repairs all brands and installations, even if they were not supplied by us. This way, we reduce the costs associated with installations that have come to a standstill. 

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Are you new to the world of printing on irregular surfaces and specific materials? Are you an operator with questions or comments? Or maybe you would just like an update on the latest printing technologies?  Lopritec offers tailor-made courses because we realise that skill and finesse are indispensable for beautiful, consistent results.