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Our expertise allowed us to create a new printing technology, specifically for glass and ceramics, based on the pad printing process: the heat release decal principle. 

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Decal transfers are multicolored motifs printed with enamels, inks or precious metals. First screen-printed flat, the transfers are then semi-automatically applied onto the object by means of silicone pad. This process is ideal for decorating on complex non flat surfaces that can not be reached with screen-printing.

Heat release decals.

Standalone decalmachine detail thermische decalmachine

Standalone heat release decal machines

Heat release decal machine for standalone use.

With this type of heat release decal machine, the operator is responsible for taking the product in and out of the machine manually. Of course this implies that every machine of this category is fully CE-certified upon delivery. 

You can convert the standalone heat release decal machine to a standard Morlock MTE-machine in only thirty minutes. This allows you to switch from the heat release decal technique to two color pad printing (really fast!). 

The advantages of the standalone heat release decal machine: 

  • extremely precise positioning of the artwork on the product;
  • flawless printing on irregular surfaces;
  • very user-friendly;
  • versatile technology that allows you to combine two printing techniques;
  • fixed product mold;
  • you can print up to 500 - 600 pieces per hour with decal technology.
decalmachine voor automatisering opname van label label op glas

Heat release decal machine for automation

This heat release decal machine is designed to be built-into an automated process. This implies the basic version comes with very little safety options. However, the idea is to customize the basic version to fit perfectly into your automated process, safety options and all. 

The advantages of the heat release decal machine for automation: 

  • extremely precise positioning of the artwork on the product;
  • flawless printing on irregular surfaces;
  • very user-friendly;
  • you can print up to 500-600 pieces per hour with decal technology.