Pad printing | Lopritec

A pad made of silicone rubber takes ink from an etched printing plate and transfers it to your product. Because the pad is made of a deformable material en there are various kinds of ink available, pad printing is the perfect solution to print on almost any material and shape.

High quality pad printing machinery.

Two colors

MTE stands for "Morlock Twister Ergonomic", a name that summarizes the idea very well. A central module with two pads under a 90 degree angle constantly interchanges. This way, the first pad can transfer ink on the product while the second pad draws its ink from the printing plate. The proverb 'hitting two targets with one shot' comes to mind. 

Three/four/five colors

The proven carousel principle of the Morlock MKM-series offers you everything you need to get to work with three, four and even five colors. Because of the carousel principle, multiple steps are carried-out at the same time: while one pad transfers ink to the product, another pad is being automatically cleaned, a third pad is taking ink from the printing plate, and so on. 

There are countless extra add-ons that can be provided, including: 

  • turning tables;
  • optical print plate settings;
  • quality control systems;
  • ...