Second-hand screen printing | Lopritec

We don't sell new screen printing machinery, but we do run into some second-hand gems every now and then. Thats why, on occasion, we also offer second-hand screen printing machinery for sale. 

Interested? Feel free to contact us! 

Second-hand screen printing.

- Dubuit Trigone screenprinter

A two color screenprinting machine for glass and ceramics.



- Screenprinting machine Isimat 1000 P-W

Second hand screenprinter Isimat 1000 P-W

flat printer or cilindrical printing
strong and reliable screenprinting machine, German made.

Lopritec does has the know-how to modify this machine for new type of productions.

This machine is not proprety of Lopritec. The owner of this machine is Belgian. With pleasure, we organise an meeting to see this machine.